How To Do A Comprehensive Thyroid Check?

Thyroid Check

A comprehensive thyroid check should include evaluation of signs and symptoms in combination with advanced thyroid lab tests for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease in order to make a proper diagnosis. The treatment cannot be successful without a correct diagnosis.

Lab tests help to identify the thyroid problem and make necessary changes to restore the thyroid function. Evaluation of the symptoms combined with appropriate lab testing is the best approach to make a diagnosis.

Thyroid tests are recommended for anyone who:

  • Suspects thyroid problem
  • Has symptoms of thyroid disease
  • Has a family member with thyroid condition
  • is pregnant, trying to get pregnant or has recently given birth
  • is around menopause
  • the elderly
  • has associated health conditions such as PCOS, celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, different types of anemia, hepatitis C, type I and II diabetes among others.

Conventional medicine relies on the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test alone or a combination of TSH and total T4 thyroid hormone for a diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. Due to the wide range of the normal test results which also varies from lab to lab and different types of thyroid dysfunctions, many people remain undiagnosed or undertreated.

Thyroid tests

Thyroid Lab work

To make accurate diagnosis and establish the cause of the thyroid dysfunction the following comprehensive lab tests may be necessary:

Basic thyroid panel is a useful tool to screen for hypo and hyperthyroidism. This is a blood test that is designed to measure total T4, free T4, TSH and T3 uptake by the thyroid gland. The pituitary gland produces TSH to stimulate the thyroid to release T4 and T3 hormones. In hypothyroidism TSH is increased or normal, T4 is low or normal and T3 is low.

T3 uptake estimates how much thyroid hormone-binding proteins are available in the blood. Free T4 represents unbound thyroid hormone which is available for uptake by cells and conversion into an active form of T3 hormone.

Thyroid panel is a blood test designed to evaluate TSH, free T3 and free T4. Measurement of free T4 and T3 provides more accurate information about hormonal status of patient than total T4 and T3 (bound and unbound) especially for those who are on estrogen replacement therapy, have impaired thyroid hormone conversion and show unresolved symptoms of underactive thyroid.

Hashimoto’s thyroid panel is a blood test for Hashimoto’s disease which is a main cause of hypothyroidism in the Western countries. Presence of thyroid antibodies is one of the indicators of over reactive thyroid autoimmunity and Hashimoto’s disease.

This lab test includes not only TSH, free T4 and free T3 to evaluate thyroid function but also following antibodies to check for Hashimoto’s:

  • Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies (TPO Ab)
  • Thyroglobulin antibodies (Tg Ab)

Reverse T3 or rT3 is a metabolically inactive thyroid hormone. In the times of stress the conversion of T4 into T3 becomes suppressed. More thyroid hormone converts into reverse T3 causing the hypothyroid symptoms to arise despite the normal standard lab test results.

Thyroid binding Globulin (TGB) binds T4 making less amounts of the hormone available leading to hypothyroid symptoms. The activity of the TGB could be increased in women on birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, during pregnancy, those with liver diseases, genetic predisposition and those who take the drugs tamoxifen or perphenazine.

All thyroid blood tests do not require fasting.

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