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Imagine you just took your prescription thyroid medication or a thyroid supplement.

Your thyroid hormone levels are on the rise and you can’t wait to feel healthy and energized again.

And then… This is just NOT happening.

You don’t feel any better. What could be wrong?

This is a big problem I see with so many people who have hypothyroidism all the time.

Most are so focused on type, brand and dose of their thyroid medication working on increasing their thyroid hormone levels and thinking that will make all the difference.

Yet, they’re missing a key part to the hypothyroidism puzzle…

It doesn’t matter how much thyroid hormone you medication, supplement, or thyroid boosters you use…

…if you can’t get that thyroid hormones to your cells, or your cells can’t use it, then you’ll still remain hypothyroid.

Here’s something I’d like to share with you to help solve that piece of your thyroid puzzle…

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